Just because we love Betty

So I guess you are wondering why Betty Buffet Page??
Well we are two friends that have been making buffets for a very long time and spent so many nights saying we should start a business..
We decided to make or dream come true but add a fun quirky twist.
Ness loves retro and we both like dressing up and making things... Bettie Page is Ness's goddess and she would sell her soul for Betties body.. Dream on Ness Jane shouts!....!...
(Jane just lets her nutty mate ramble on and on to keep her happy....)
So we named our retro themed buffet service after Bettie herself. We combined our love of vintage and dressing up to wear cute little waitress outfits while we work..

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I think I am a very clever chickadee!

Oh yes I may have had 5 kids but I just delivered this baby and I am so proud as I did it all by myself.
Ness and computers do not mix... and it may be altered when Jane sees it but I am so proud of me.. Pat on the back Ness you sexy lil chick you xxx